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5 Causes of Weight Gain to Look Out For

In 2004, Americans spent a whopping $46.3 billion in weight loss products that’s more than any other country in the world. And because not everyone sticks to their diet plan and is able to lose weight, a pretty big portion of that money is wasted.

In order to avoid the stereotype, you’ve got to make a complete lifestyle overhaul. You probably know a lot of the changes you need to make stop overeating, start going to the gym, get more sleep but are you aware of the more obscure causes of weight gain?

To make sure you have all your bases covered, check out these five habits that cause people to gain weight unexpectedly. Try to eliminate them from your life, or at least mitigate their effects with healthy eating and vigorous exercise.

That way, you can break out of the dieting cycle and consider the money you’ve spent on your diet pill money well spent.5 Causes of Weight Gain to Look Out For

1. Working Too Much

If you’re spending too much time at the office, you’re also spending too much time sitting still in front of a computer screen. As you burn fewer calories, you’ll eventually put on more weight.

And inactivity isn’t the only problem. Being a workaholic likely means you’re under a lot of stress, which can also lead to weight gain. Weight loss physician and author Michelle May explains:

“Stress response, whether it is ‘fight-or-flight,’ juggling too many responsibilities, or coping with financial pressures, triggers a biochemical process where our bodies go into survival mode,” she says. “Our bodies store fuel, slow down metabolism, and dump out chemicals which are more likely to cause…obesity in the abdominal region.”

2. Paying For Food By Credit Card

If you’re an office junkie, you’re also probably eating out a good portion of the time. Relying on processed foods is unhealthy enough, but if you’re paying for them by credit card, you could have an additional weight-related worry.

According to studies by major credit card companies, people are more inclined to eat out and order more food when they’re paying by credit card rather than cash. This could be because you don’t see the cash leave your bank account until later, but whatever the reason, start paying for your food with paper rather than plastic.

3. Eating Too Quickly

Eating Too QuicklyDo you remember when your mother told you to take your time at the dinner table? This wasn’t just because it’s rude to dine and dash eating too quickly leads to overeating, which will eventually cause more weight gain.

By contrast, taking your time and eating smaller bites can help you feel satisfied sooner, eventually limiting your caloric intake for the day. This was verified by a study done in the Netherlands on 22 young adults who liked chocolate and custard. Participants who were asked to chew for a full nine seconds rather than three felt full sooner and ate 65 percent less food than those who ate more quickly.

4. Feeling Guilty or Depressed

Depression sometimes causes a lack of appetite, but it can also trigger emotional eating in others. You may be eating to fill the sadness or, if you’re feeling guilty about not meeting your weight loss goals, you could eat to distract yourself from your related problems.

Even if you’re on medication for depression, you’re not immune to weight gain. According to WebMD, antidepressants often cause weight gain by altering the chemical balance of your body.

To combat this, try to eliminate stress from your life and spend time with people and things that make you happy.

Final Thoughts

Coupled with regular diet and exercise, as well as a top-notch diet pill, eliminating these habits from your life will help you lose weight more quickly and more permanently.

Remember, you shouldn’t diet just to be thin instead, you want to focus on improving your health all around.