Advantages and disadvantages of elliptical workouts


Elliptical bikes have advantages and disadvantages associated with the type of exercise that combines in a single motion various sports such as walking, rowing, skiing, cycling and step. The advantages and disadvantages of elliptical machines are based on an exercise that is performed without impact that works both upper and lower body, so it generates an intense cardiovascular workout with great energy use, but with little transfer to other sports and that can be monotonous.

Advantages and disadvantages of elliptical workouts

Advantages of elliptical workouts

Here are the main advantages of elliptical trainers:

  • Elliptical bikes are a non-impact exercise without discomfort to the joints, preventing dangerous movements on the joints and back, thus allowing muscles to exercise without injury or pain in the joints.
  • Exercises performed on elliptical machines allow better coordination and sense of balance, making them highly suitable for elderly or for those persons with mobility problems.
  • Because elliptical trainers allow you to work lower and upper body at the same time, work intensifies and burnt calories rise without increasing the impact, making them ideal for combining with weight loss plans and training for obese people.
  • Elliptical bikes combine in one movement the effects of various physical activities such as walking, rowing, riding the bicycle or exercise with step, so it exercises and tones the muscles at an 80%, including the thighs, buttocks, calves, arms, shoulders, chest, abs and oblique.
  • The intensity of exercise with elliptical bikes is superior to other gym equipment, so they are a great cardio workout that requires less time to achieve the same cardiovascular results because it increases the work load by engaging the upper and lower body.
  • Elliptical bikes are well suited for rehabilitation, recovering from injuries, varying the workout or rest for the season, because they allow aerobic workouts with minimal impact.
  • The elliptical bikes are easy to use, making them suitable for older people and for those who are starting with an exercise routine.
  • Elliptical bikes are machines that support domestic use, especially because they can be folded, which makes them an excellent choice for home fitness practice.

Disadvantages of elliptical workouts

Among the disadvantages of elliptical workouts, we can find:

  • Exercises performed in elliptical bikes have little transfer to other sports, because movement is little coincident with other sports, it requires specific gestures.
  • It can be a monotonous exercise.
  • The exercise in elliptical machines may be contraindicated in some cases of osteoarthritis, weakness of the knees, heart, back and lower back problems.
  • Some models of elliptical machines are too large or heavy.
  • Although the basic models are usually economic, models with advanced features are usually quite expensive.