Apidexin PM


People, people there is NO hype when it comes to Adipexin products!  The Apidexin family offers top-rated, CLINICALLY PROVEN weight loss products with a 98% consumer satisfaction percentage.  And not only that, the 2% have a full, 100% money back ‘no fuss, no frustration’ guarantee on OPENED bottles!  There’s absolutely no risk and no “BS” when it comes to this trusted name in diet supplements!  They’re backed by science and quality.

Adipexin is now excited to unveil their latest innovative diet pill-Adipexin PM.

How Does Apidexin PM Work?

What is one of the major contributors to many health problems (including obesity) today?  Sleep deprivation.  Many people suffer from it night after night–1 in 3 in fact and the toll it takes on mental, physical and emotional health is devastating.  Even the most menial of tasks seems to take Herculean effort to accomplish, and simply staying awake at your desk is almost impossible.  Lack of sleep is responsible for lack of focus and concentration, memory loss, sluggish reflexes…and then the more serious health issues; increased blood pressure, heart problems and weight gain.  What causes the latter? Man’s number one killer-STRESS.  Stress increases stress hormones including Cortisol which releases more glucose (blood sugar) that will end up being stored as more fat.  Stress makes life unbearable.  Stress makes your pants tight!  You need sleep.How Does Apidexin PM Work?

Adipexin PM is an exciting caffeine-free diet supplement that contains calming agents and natural brain/muscle relaxants to give you deep, rejuvenating sleep.  It is also infused with clinically proven weight loss ingredients so you can burn fat effortlessly as you sleep!

Apidexin PM Side Effects

The only side effects you’ll get from taking Adipexin PM are those of peaceful, deep and restful slumber.  Adipexin PM is completely stimulant-free.  Happy sleeping!


Apidexin PM Ingredient Highlights

  • Vitamin B6 10mg – Vitamin B6 is used to treat hundreds of ailments. One of these is its ability to produce the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin.  Serotonin improves mood giving its recipient a feeling of happiness and wellbeing.  Serotonin also calms down feelings of bloating and nausea so you can rest deeply.
  • Magnesium asparate 225mg– Aspartate chelates are involved in energy production on a cellular level; most beneficial for the sleep deprived!
  • Zinc 15mg-Have trouble falling and staying asleep?  You need Zinc!  Zinc’s long been used to treat sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety.
  • Chromax (500mcg) – Chromax® is a clinically tested and proven form of Chromium.  Trial subjects using Chromax were shown to eat 365 LESS calories per day!  The test group also experienced a 24% reduction in hunger and a 25% reduction in food intake. Chromax® is only one of Apidexin PM’s scientifically proven ingredients!

Proprietary Blend 732 mg-

  • Valerian Root-a proven sleep aid well known for its calming effects on stress and anxiety.  Sometimes referred to as ‘natural valium’!
  • Irvingia Gabonensis – also known as Wild Mango, Irvingia Gabonesis has been clinically tested and proven to suppress appetite, burn fat and lower cholesterol. It works by manipulating leptin, a hormone secreted that communicated with the brain to regulate metabolism and appetite. It also delays stomach emptying so you stay fuller longer.
  • Theanine- Theanine stimulates the brain to produce alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed. Theanine also helps the body produce other soothing amino acids, such as GABA, dopamine and tryptophan. Theanine may also have a calming effect on blood pressure.
  • HOPS (Humulus lupulus) – a centuries-used natural sedative that aids with sleep difficulty, nervousness, restlessness and tension.  It works by slowing down the breakdown of GABA and acting via the melatonin receptors (melatonin tells your body when to shut down and sleep.  See below.)
  • GABA– GABA is an important chemical within the human brain that induces relaxation and sleep.  It also reduces stress, muscle tension and promotes a state of happy wellbeing.
  • Passion Flower- Passion Flower is known to be as powerful as many prescription anxiety medications.  It reduces feelings of stress and gives a sense of calm and relaxation.  Stress and anxiety can cause you to hold onto fat, particularly around the abdominal area.
  • Lemon Balm-A natural sedative used for sleep disorders.
  • Choline-an essential nutrient, Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in memory, muscle control and many other functions.
  • Inositol- Considered a member of the B Vitamin family, Inositol is important for the metabolism of fat.  It’s also beneficial for people who experience stress-related panic attacks and anxiety.
  • Peppermint-can stimulate concentration and memory, calm nervous problems and ease muscular pain.
  • Melatonin – this naturally occurring hormone regulates circadian rhythms (the sleep cycle.) Night time darkness activates melatonin so your body shuts down for sleep.

Should You Try Apidexin PM?

ABSOLUTELY!  Even if you’re experiencing only mild sleep problems, Adipexin PM will be extremely beneficial to your health and weight loss efforts!  Imagine trying to maintain a sensible diet that doesn’t involve grabbing junk food, and working out with focus and discipline when you’re sleep deprived!  Add onto that your body’s natural propensity to hold onto fat because of the stress in your life and it all adds up to failure.  With Adipexin PM and a good night’s rest in your corner you can’t help but succeed.  And as stated earlier, Adipexin is a trusted and proven name in diet supplements.  Don’t hesitate, order Adipexin PM, gain sleep and lose weight!