How Will Irvingia Gabonensis Extract Help You Lose Weight?


In 2005, scientists from the University of Yaounde conducted a study on the effects that Irvingia Gabonensis extract can have on obese people.

Specifically, those researchers studied the all-natural extract’s effects on the participants’ weights and blood lipid counts.

At the end of the month-long trial, they discovered that Irvingia Gabonensis actuallydoes have a significant effect on both of those things, helping to reduce the participants’ body weights and their cholesterol levels!

But what is this increasingly popular weight loss ingredient, and how exactly can it help you lose weight?Irvingia Gabonensis Extract

What is Irvingia Gabonensis?

Irvingia Gabonensis, the all-natural diet aid that has helped so many people find weight loss success, is another name for the plant African Mango.

West Africans have used African Mango for thousands of years both as food and for medicinal purposes.

In many cases, hunters would eat it while on long hunting trips in order to help keep their appetites satisfied for long periods of time, enabling them to maximize their hunting time rather than having to take frequent breaks for food.

Now, the diet pill industry uses the Irvingia Gabonensis extract in weight loss products because it provides a safe, all-natural way to curb users’ cravings and thus reduce their daily calorie counts!

Irvingia Gabonensis as an Appetite Suppressant

This powerful weight loss ingredient has such a significant effect on your body’s appetite because it actually works with your hormone levels to help you easily shake off even your most stubborn cravings. (article about)

You see, your body contains a hormone called leptin that tells your body when you are full and do not need any more food.


However, when your leptin levels are low, you will be much more prone to overeat even when you have already taken in a substantial amount of calories.

It is thus crucial to make sure that your leptin levels stay high so you will be able to keep your daily calorie count low and lose weight, and since Irvingia Gabonensis actually has the ability to regulate and increase your body’s leptin counts, it also has the power to help you maintain a healthy body weight!

Irvingia Gabonensis extract will also help you resist your cravings because it is a high and all-natural source of fiber, which will help you feel fuller for longer as it also helps your body efficiently get rid of waste.What is Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia Gabonensis as a Fat Burner

African Mango is well known as a way to eliminate the temptation to binge on high-calorie snacks and meals, but it is also an effective weight loss agent because of its abilities as a fat burner.

Without using any stimulants, which can often be unhealthy and dangerous for your body, Irvingia Gabonensis extract makes your system’s fat burning processes easier by targeting actual fat.

This helps you achieve long-term weight loss, rather than just getting rid of water weight.

Additionally, Irvingia Gabonensis helps you burn away unwanted fat by naturally accelerating your metabolism and even getting rid of stored fat that can be extremely difficult to eliminate.

You Can Finally See Results with Irvingia Gabonensis Extract!

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