Do you know the benefits of cardio exercises?


For the last two decades cardio training has been the biggest bet of many gyms and fitness centers. The strongest evidence of this is the notorious evolution of cardio machines, in both technology and design. This is possible thanks to the product, which is attractive and at the same time, very effective.

As one doctor said once: “It’s a thousand times better and cheaper to maintain health than try to regain it once it has been lost”Do you know the benefits of cardio exercises?

Benefits of cardio workouts

It improves cardiac efficiency

The heart works more efficiently, increasing stroke volume and decreasing heart rate, which is the number of heartbeats per minute.


Improves your metabolism

Your body uses a larger percentage of fats to obtain energy.

It represents an improvement to your respiratory system

Resistance training and especially interval training improves your maximal oxygen consumption.

Strengthens your immune system

Training at moderate intensity activates your immune system in a positive way, while anaerobic training sometimes causes negative distress.

It decreases your base Heart rate

A person who trains regularly will have a lower heart rate than a sedentary person and the efficiency of every heart beat is better.

Cardio workouts decreases HR during exercise

Your HR will be lower when doing an effort. The main advantage of this is that you can maintain the effort for more time.

It gets you a better stroke volume

It’s not that your heart grows, but the amount of blood that can be moved in a heartbeat is bigger.

Better capillarization

More capillaries mean better blood circulation.

Normalization of blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the risk factors of arteriosclerosis. Resistance training decreases hypertension and hypotension.