Lipoway from MicroNutra Health touts itself as a “Hunger-blocker”  which can help cleanse your colon, increase your energy, and give you better self esteem.  That’s a tall order for a product that has only one ingredient, and if you are familiar with MicroNutra, you’ll notice that it’s the exact same formula as a product called “CarboCurb”.  What’s this all about?

Lipoway Formula

That’s right, it’s the exact same as “CarboCurb” -750 mg of glucomannan – which is a fiber used as a food thickener.  As mentioned in the review on CarboCurb, this dosage isn’t even quite enough without other ingredients and will simply not give you the results you deserve.

Lipoway Conclusion?

I can conclude very strongly that this company is trying to scam you, even if its products are safe and supposedly “FDA regulated.”  This is the same formula as CarboCurb and is $47 instead of $57, which shows how arbitrary their over-pricing is.  Stay away from Lipoway!