Lipozene Review


Unfortunately, there are hundreds of complaints about Lipozene on the internet. The complaints range from “This product doesn’t work” to “They stole my money.” Now, we do not believe everything on the internet, but if the same review is repeated over and over by many different users, it is probably true.

Lipozene Ingredients

Gluccomanan: This is essentially fiber which is found in foods you eat every day. Glucomannan will help you feel full after you take it, but it won’t help you burn any extra fat.

Even though Glucomannan is a great appetite suppressant, you can buy 66 grams of Glucomannan online for about $7. Buying Lipozene is about $70 for 90 grams of Glucomannan, making it much more expensive than it costs.Lipozene

Here is one consumer complaint about Lipozene’s deceptive billing practices:


DO NOT BUY LIPOZENE!! Read this before you do please! I wished that someone would have told me this before I bought it!! I ordered their free trial for $29.95. I was terribly UNHAPPY with the results! If that wasn’t bad enough, 30 days later they charged my credit card for another order for $70!!!!!! I never agreed to this when ordering. I called Lipozene immediately and they told me there was nothing they could do about it and that I couldn’t get a refund. They had already shipped the 2nd shipment and that they would continue charging me $70 per month and sending me a new shipment. I asked if I could send it back for a refund and they said that ONLY the free trial could be refunded!! I have never heard such a crock of crap in my life!!!

Should You Try Lipozene?

We do not recommend Lipozene for three reasons:
• It does not promote effective weight loss
• It is very expensive and the autoship program may seems very difficult to cancel
• There are much better products out there that will help you achieve your weight loss goals much faster

Looking at the ingredients in Lipozene, we think that it is only a simple appetite suppressor that is incredibly overpriced. If you want to lose weight, there are easier and less expensive ways to reach your goals.

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