Lipozyne: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Many diet supplements claim to be the revolutionary solution to your weight woes.  Lipozyne is no different. Supposedly when you use this diet pill you can experience increased levels of energy, a boost in metabolism, and appetite suppression.

Just by reading these claims Lipozyne seems to be a diet pill that could give you everything you need for successful weight loss. Is this the case?

When you look at the ingredients in Lipozyne you can see that some clinically proven ingredients are included.  But so many diet pills dress the label it can be impossible to know if you will lose weight.Lipozyne

How Does Lipozyne Work?

When a diet pill dresses the label they claim to include some top clinically proven diet pill ingredients. These ingredients are then put in a proprietary blend so you never know how much is included. This means that they can claim to use all the top ingredients. But with just a pinch of these effective and expensive ingredients, you do not get results and they get all your money.

Lipozyne uses some good ingredients like chromium, CLA, guarana, garcinia cambogia, and gugglesterones. They may be able to boost metabolism and energy levels which can help you to burn fat.


The advantage of using Lipozyne is that it has chromium which has recently been shown to be effective at reducing weight. It can target fat stores and encourage the body to use those for energy while preventing new fat from being stored. In addition, it may be able to prevent muscle from being lost during a weight loss program.

Hoodia is also included in Lipozyne. This was once thought to be an effective appetite suppressant.  Since that time, more research has been done and clinical trials have not been able to back up all the hype so you probably will not feel any more satisfied after using Lipozyne.

Lipozyne Side Effects

More likely that not you will not suffer from side effects after using Lipozyne. Some people have reported mild problems such as nausea and diarrhea when they are using Lipozyne. Other than that you will probably avoid many side effects common among diet pills although it is still recommended that you consult with your doctor before you use Lipozyne.

Lipozyne Ingredient Highlights

Hoodia, guarana, guggulsterones, garcinia cambogia, CLA, chromium

Lipozyne dresses the label to some extent. But unlike many diet pills they actually let you know how much of each ingredient is included in the formula. When you look at the amounts of each ingredient you can see that there is too little to give you dramatic weight loss results. You will probably not be able to shed pounds using Lipozyne alone.

Should You Try Lipozyne?

The official website says that Lipozyne is $19.99 but you can probably find it for less elsewhere. A guarantee is not mentioned but at $20 that is not too much to lose if you are not satisfied with your results. Lipozyne may not be the best diet pill around, but we have taken the guess work out of choosing a top diet pill by finding the ones with clinically proven ingredients in the right amounts.