Magic Slim


Magic Slim Review

Chinese medicine has been making its way across the oceans and into everyday life. There may be some Chinese medications that can be as effective or possibly more effective than modern medicine in part because they have been used for thousands of years to treat common ailments. Magic Slim, a new Chinese diet pill, uses traditional Chinese teas to benefit your weight loss. Is Magic Slim one of the most effective diet supplements around?

Magic Slim uses wild mushrooms to give you the weight loss benefits you want. These wild mushrooms have not been studied extensively, but they are supposed to “magically” cause your excess weight to disappear. Some studies indicate that the ingredients in Magic Slim could cause weight loss results. For the most part, the science behind Magic Slim is a little mystical.Magic Slim


How Does Magic Slim Work?

According to the official website, “Magic Slim Diet Pills reduce the amount of calories that can stop the starch and powdered sugar into fat, meat fat, so as to control the body to stay.” Clearly the website is a little difficult to understand, as it was written by non-native English speakers. This makes us wary of Magic Slim because it is difficult to understand exactly how it works, which is very important to know.

There is quite a list of ingredients contained in Magic Slim. Many of these ingredients have a laxative or diuretic effect on the body. This means that you are probably going to lose water weight instead of fat . When water weight is lost, you are not likely to maintain that weight loss for an extended period of time. This means that the weight you will lose from using Magic Slim will not be permanent.

Magic Slim Side-effects

While using Magic Slim, you may experience diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, excessive urination, and headaches while using Magic Slim. These side-effects can actually be more severe by not drinking plenty of water because Magic Slim will draw out excess water. The Magic Slim website says that you can start out by taking one capsule a day, but if you do not experience “uncomfortability” after the first few days you can increase that dose.

Magic Slim Ingredient Highlights

Ganoderma Lingzhi, ebony, foxnut, tuckahoe, semen pruni, dioscoreae, wheat germ, natural substance.

Some of these ingredients, like lingzhi, show promise for weight loss. However, most will simply cause loss of weight because of water loss. Unfortunately, Magic Slim does not indicate how much of each ingredient is included in the formula, so it is unlikely that you will get the necessary amounts of any of these ingredients.

Should You Try Magic Slim?

Magic Slim is only $15.99 online. It is an affordable option for weight loss. The problem is that you are not likely to experience significant weight loss results when you use Magic Slim, so even that much money may be a waste. Most places you buy Magic Slim from do not offer a money back guarantee and they will not even let you return the unopened product, so be sure you really want to try Magic Slim before buying it.