Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID


Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

How often have you heard that to lose fat you need to consume fat? Probably not very often. Believe it or not there are good types of fat that can actually assist in weight loss. Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID claims to have harvested the power of CLA a fatty acid that is sometimes called the “miracle fat.”

If you struggle with fat on your belly, butt, or thighs then Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID is supposed to be perfect for you. Some clinical studies indicate that it does a better job of targeting fat in these areas than other products.

Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID says that anyone who wants to lose fat, improve their diet, and increase lean muscle mass would benefit from this diet supplement. Of course, they also say that Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID should be stacked with three other Magnum products. Since Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID is the least expensive (at $50) and the others can cost in the hundreds it can quickly become an expensive weight loss venture.Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID


How Does Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID Work?

CLA is thought to increase fat burning power. When you use Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID they claim that it will target the most stubborn fat deposits. In addition, Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID is supposed to support muscle development.

Since many people lose lean muscle mass while they are dieting it can be important to use a diet supplement that supports muscle growth.

There are some clinical trials that indicate CLA is an effective option for weight loss. However, there are others that did not show a difference between users of the placebo and users of a CLA supplement.

A big benefit to using Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID is that CLA has been shown to prevent against weight gain. If you have ever been on a diet and then gained the weight back just a couple weeks or months after you stopped following the diet then you know how important this can be. And without stimulants, Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID can be used anytime of the day.

Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID Side Effects

Not many side effects have been linked to the use of Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID. Some people, however, have experienced problems such as diarrhea and nausea. Luckily these problems are not too severe and tend to become even less noticeable after just a short amount of time.

Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID Ingredient Highlights

The only ingredient in Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID is CLA. They have included 1,700 mg in the formula.

Should You Try Magnum Nutraceuticals ACID?

Clinical studies indicate that CLA has some potential for weight loss and weight maintenance. However, these trials are are contradicted by other trials that show no difference for users of CLA and those taking the placebo.

Since there is some potential for results with CLA diet supplements it’s a good thing to look for in products. But don’t use a product that relies entirely on this one ingredient doing so could prevent you from experiencing the full weight loss benefits you are looking for.