Malibu Pilates


How do they do Pilates in Malibu?

Recently, pilates have become all the rage among (mainly) women across the country. This is not surprising as it is a legitimate exercise program which also helps relieve stress and increase focus. Though the inventor, Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), probably didn’t see the need for fancy contraptions, there still might be some sense in a product that facilitates the practice of the exercises in some way. This product is endorsed by Pilates instructor-to-the-stars Carroll Krieff and soap opera star Susan Lucci.

What does the package offer?

As this seemed like a fairly reputable source (Honestly, who can argue with Susan Lucci?), I was surprised to find a pretty basic product, including the following:

  • Specialized Pilates chair with metal alloy construction
  • 4 Pilates DVDs
  • Health and Diet Manual

Malibu PilatesThe truth is, simple is often the best way to go, so I can’t fault the company for that. The real question here however is value and effectiveness:

Malibu Pilates Value

Sadly, sticking to the tradition of its namesake, this product is over-priced and, to be honest, a little sketchy in the pricing policy (not that Malibu is sketchy). They offer this all as a $15.00, 30-day trial, which sounds very reasonable until you realize that they charge $30 for shipping and  unless you can get it all back to them in 30 days (assuming you’re not satisfied) you’ll be charged 6 payments of $50.

That means if you want to buy this package for keeps, it will cost you a grand total of $345. This is outrageous.  If you invested half that money in some DVDs and a few live Pilates classes, you could for sure get the same results in the same time.

Malibu Pilates Conclusion

Though I’m a fan of how both Susan Lucci and Carroll Krieff have kept their figures over the years, I am not a fan of the figures on this product and do not recommend it. Krieff should throw in a private lesson if she wants to believe this package is worth the cost… but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

If you are into Pilates, there are a number of cheaper alternatives, but if you are looking to boost your metabolism and help curb your appetite to lose weight, you’ll find below the highest rated and most affordable and effective products for that purpose.