Malice by Chaotic Labz

How Does Malice Work?

When you are looking for a diet pill supplement that will give you the results you are looking for
you will find that there are more diet pills on the market that you could ever dream possible. However, just because the are on the market does not make them great and wonderful. In fact, you will soon realize that some are terrible and a real waste of your money. How many times have you thrown away a bottle of diet pills or fat burner pills realizing that they only gave you a lighter wallet? Some of you are known what I am talking about and that is why you realized you need to see some reviews of products to give you direction of which one to choose.

Malice is one of those diet pill supplements that we will look at and see if it is one you want to purchase or one you want to stay away from.  Malice claims it is the most exclusive and effective high end weight loss product on the market. The high end of what?  It says customers will get results and there are no IF ANDS or BUTS about it. Seems like they are pretty confident but I am not so sure about it. Let’s see what is in this diet pill.Malice by Chaotic Labz

Malice Ingredient Highlights

They say they offer:

  • euphoric initial rush of energy
  • clean energy that last all day
  • amazing appetite suppressant
  • burns fat immediately
  • jump starts your metabolism


  • caffeine – stimulates metabolism
  • phenylethylenine HCL – drug with psychoactive properties. Can be dangerous for certain groups of people
  • hoodia – appetite suppressant
  • white willow bark – anti-inflammatory
  • green tea extract 98% – caffeine is in this which stimulates metabolism
  • yohimba 8% – treats male impotence
  • methlsynephrine – says burns fat
  • theobromine – a vasodilator adn diuretic
  • ephedra extract – not as strong as ephedra but has serious side effects
  • citrus aurantium 30% – appetite suppressant
  • chromium 10% – deals with metabolism

Many of these ingredients have not been researched much and there is no evidence that this diet pill formula is effective in burning fat or losing weight.

Malice Side Effects

There are many serious side effects associated with this diet pill. It can cause anxiety psychosis, tremors, high blood pressure, irregular heart rates, headache, dizziness, jitters, gastric problems and bleeding.

Should You Try Malice?

After looking at this diet pill and the ingredients in this formula the answer is an easy one. Chaotic Labz is a fairly new company that looks like it is a multi-level-marketing company where you can only buy the product through a retailer and no where else. The official website for Chaotic Labz is very vague and uninformative and it looks a little creepy. You can only email them if you have any questions and we don’t know where they are located. They sell there diet pill for $99 on their website which is rather expensive and no money back guarantee. The side effects are serious and it may be harmful to your health. There are definitely better diet pills on the market that will give you the results you are looking for.