Maqui Berry Burn

We don’t need no water…

Whenever a new “superfruit” or “special ingredient” comes along in the dieting world, absolute madness usually ensues as dozens of new companies spring up to sell the stuff or a version of it at a premium to get rich. Recently a fruit called the maqui berry, from the Patagonia region of South America, has made it to the international media and the product Maqui Berry Burn appears to be one of the many products just trying to take advantage of the hype.

Maqui Berry Burn Claims and Formula

The company claims their product has anti aging properties as well as providing

  • Weight loss
  • Increased Stamina
  • More energy
  • Increased strength
  • Increased cardiovascular health

Maqui Berry BurnThe weight loss claim is apparently due to the fact that there is green tea in the product, but there is no knowing how much. For that matter, there is no knowing what or how much of anything is in this product!

The main source of hype for this product is that supposedly the Maqui berry has almost twice the antioxidants of the acai berry. Now, antioxidants are good for you and you should have a way of regularly consuming them, but your body can only digest and absorb so much at a time. In any case, neither acai nor maqui berries are any miracle nor worth their hype.

Maqui Berry Burn Auto-ship Scheme

This company has one of the most worthless “guarantees” ever. It “sells” its product only as a free trial which charges you for shipping. If within 10 days of ordering it you’re not satisfied with the product (10 days less shipping time is a joke) then you can cancel, but after that they’ll charge you $78 for it and charge you each month for more shipments.

Maqui Berry Burnout

This company is just trying to take your money and this product is likely terrible. Don’t waste any time with this product, but look out for more information on the maqui berry. It may have a lot of potential, but remember there are no miracles in weight loss and dieting.