SuperSlim Diet Pills


SuperSlim Diet Pills: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

To reach your goal weight you likely have been increasing your caloric output by exercising more and reducing the calories you consume. Theoretically this should lead to sustainable weight loss results. The problem is that many people reach a plateau and struggle to hit their goal weight.

Adding SuperSlim Diet Pills to your current program is supposed to make all the difference in the world. They even claim that while using SuperSlim Diet Pills you can cut out the diet and exercise and still lose weight!

To be completely honest, I’m a little skeptical that SuperSlim Diet Pills can help you lose weight without diet and exercise. The formula just doesn’t seem that powerful.SuperSlim Diet Pills

How Does SuperSlim Diet Pills Work?

SuperSlim Diet Pills use stimulating ingredients to raise metabolism. Also included are a couple ingredients that are supposed to reduce appetite and remove free radicals from your system.

The ways SuperSlim Diet Pills claim to work are fairly common among diet pills. But what separates the diet pills that work from the average products is the ingredients. If a product claims to raise metabolism, it better have the ingredients needed to back that up to make it worth buying!


SuperSlim Diet Pills use green tea and caffeine to increase metabolism. While these are known to be effective ingredients, in order to get the promised results they need to be included in significant amounts. Unfortunately, SuperSlim Diet Pills do not list the amounts of any of the ingredients so you might not be getting enough for the promised results.

To suppress your appetite SuperSlim Diet Pills rely primarily on hoodia. This ingredient is sometimes thought to reduce appetite but studies have only found that it is effective when the root is chewed. Therefore, including it in a diet supplement might not do you any good.

Another ingredient in SuperSlim Diet Pills is sibutramine. SuperSlim Diet Pills do not list this ingredient but the FDA has issued a warning for those interested in using SuperSlim Diet Pills because they have found sibutramine in the formula. This ingredient is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

SuperSlim Diet Pills Side Effects

The stimulants in SuperSlim Diet Pills will cause your typical diet pill side effects. The sibutramine, however, is another story. It may cause heart attacks, seizures, severe headaches, kidney failure, and liver failure.

SuperSlim Diet Pills Ingredient Highlights

Pomegranate, konicing nut, gamboge fruit, konjac extractive powder, apple, kiwi fruit, sweet potato fiber, Jersalem artichoke, green tea, caffeine, hoodia.

Should You Try SuperSlim Diet Pills?

There are too many concerns surrounding SuperSlim Diet Pills to even consider using them. With the FDA warning you should immediately be wary of this diet supplement. And considering the fact that SuperSlim Diet Pills do not list the amounts of each ingredient, the reasons to avoid using it just keep adding up.

Before recommending a diet supplement we have to know that it is safe and will not cause any problems for users. Furthermore, your diet pill of choice should be known to work. So why even bother with SuperSlim Diet Pills when other products work so much better?