Synedrex Review

Synedrex is a diet supplement that is advertised as being able to help you lose weight with just one daily dose.

Its distributors claim that Synedrex is a weight loss product that has been specially formulated by physicians and experts to bring the strongest possible diet supplement that will help users reduce their body fat, boost their energy, and lose weight.

The makers of Synedrex also claim that this product can speed up the body’s metabolism, suppress the appetite and thus curb cravings and shrink portion sizes, increase mental focus, and help you keep the weight off with long term results. These advertisements sound very similar to promises given by the manufacturers of Fenphedra.

But how can Synedrex actually accomplish all of these things? Let’s take a closer look at its contents and evaluate just how possible it is to gain all of these things from Synedrex.Synedrex Review


The Formula

  • Vitamin B6 (7mg) is a water-soluble vitamin and one of the Vitamin B complex group that is known to support weight loss through ensuring the proper function of the digestive system and the metabolism. Vitamin B6 in particular assists enzyme reactions in protein and red blood cell metabolism, which helps burn calories and increase thyroid activity.
  • Vitamin B12 (200mcg) is another of the B Vitamins important to weight loss. This one assists in breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and ensuring that they are used for energy instead of remaining as fat stores. In this way, the metabolism is kicked up a notch and your body burns calories more quickly.
  • Chromium (350mcg) is a trace mineral found in small degrees in the body. Supporters of its inclusion in weight loss supplements say that because chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels, it suppresses the appetite and leads to a lower caloric intake. However, studies have yielded mixed results as to the effectiveness of chromium.
  • Caffeine (350mg) is a stimulant that activates the central nervous system and triggers certain bodily functions to proceed faster. In particular, it activates the metabolism. As it runs through your blood, it speeds up fat burning, leading to a higher basal metabolic rate, and even gives a burst of energy that remains for a short time.
  • Carcinia Cambogia (230mg), more simply called gambooge, is a plant native to Indonesia that is prescribed for rheumatism and bowel complains, though some people believe it can suppress the appetite. There is no scientific evidence to testify to this effect, but it remains a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements.
  • L-Tyrosine (160mg) is a non-essential amino acid that is often included in protein supplements. By synthesizing protein, tyrosine can lead to stronger and more developed muscles. More muscles mean more fat burning, so tyrosine supports definition and slenderness.
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate (120mg) is a compound derived from amino acids used to help your body burn fat for energy. It helps support better athletic performance while preventing diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and heart conditions. It helps you to lose weight by improving your body composition, or your fat-to-muscle ratio.
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (100mg), or hypromellose, is a food additive that thickens and emulsifies. In terms of weight loss, this means it expands in the stomach to create feelings of fullness that occur more quickly and linger for longer periods of time. This will decrease your overall caloric intake.
  • Cocoa (40mg) is not only an important component of chocolate, it can spark weight loss as well. Japanese research published in the May 2005 issue of Nutrition found that cocoa had the ability to interfere with the metabolism of dietary fat into fatty deposits. This was controlled against by a group of rats who were fed artificial coca.
  • 5-HTP (2mg) is a chemical by-product of tryptophan and has been found by early animal studies to control appetite and insomnia, and naturally raise the mood. It is also a treatment for fibromyalgia. 5-HTP works by controlling the impulse to binge eat.
  • Simmondsin (2mg) is an extract of jojoba seeds that was initially thought to control eating and promote weight loss in animals. Though opinions differ, most scientists believe it is a potential treatment for reducing appetite and food cravings. It has most recently been tested in rats.

Analysis of the Synedrex Formula

The truth is that Synedrex, even for a weight loss product, has a TON of caffeine. 350 mg of caffeine combined with each of the other ingredients here could easily prove extremely agitating to even the most caffeine tolerant person.

Those extremely high caffeine levels will indeed boost your metabolism and increase your energy temporarily, but this hardly makes Synedrex unique. Instead, it will lead to increased feelings of restlessness, irritability, nervousness, headache, and anxiety.

To be fair, the inclusion of healthy vitamins such as B6 and B12, carnitine, tyrosine, and cocoa are not bad additions, but even these ingredients are unlikely to add a lot more to the effect of the caffeine here.

In this regard, Synedrex is essentially an energy drink in pill form. The 100 mg of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose you should know is just filler and bonding material that does nothing for you health-wise.

For a better way to lose fast weight, it is best to look to alternative weight loss methods.

Purchasing Synedrex

Synedrex retails for $44.95 for a bottle of 45 capsules, which is designed to last for one month. According to the manufacturers, all orders ship within three to five days .

There is little information on the website regarding what shipping service Synedrex uses or when you can expect it to be delivered. Since most diet pills provide this information, this reflects poorly on Synedrex.

It does not look like there is a free trial offer or a money-back guarantee, either.


Generally this is a very average product that happens to contain an above average amount of caffeine. If you try Synedrex, you are very likely almost guaranteed to see side effects such as jitteriness and possibly mild to severe insomnia from taking this.

It may give you energy to complete some longer workouts than you usually finish, but let’s be honest: there are much cheaper ways to get caffeine.

Instead, you should consider some of the options below. These products, one of which is Fenphedra, came in at the top in a survey of diet pill experts and consumers and could potentially revolutionize both your weight loss as well as your diet and exercise plans; best of all, they contain effective and safe ingredients that will actually work rather than give you empty promises like Synedrex does.