Synthro Lean


How Does Synthro Lean Work?

The diet and weight loss supplement industry keeps growing like gang busters. Everytime I go to the gym it seems like a new diet pill or fat burner supplement is added to the shelves of the little store inside. It makes my eyes go funny when I try to read about all they have available. You must have felt the same way because you are looking here for some guidance.  You have come to the right place because we will research and investigate Synthro Lean and see if this is a diet pill that we would recommend or one that we will say needs to be pushed aside.  When you look for a diet pill you need to really see what it contains and how much of each ingredient is in the formula.How Does Synthro Lean Work?

Synthro Lean is a diet pill that says it  is a stimulant free diet aid that will speed up metabolism and increase your daily energy levels. Now who doesn’t want that?  But let’s keep doing our research because it may fool you.  Synthro Lean says it can be used by male and female professional body builders to enhance all aspects of their physique while reducing large amounts of body fat quickly. They say that body builders have been using the T3-thyroid hormone which reduces fat and builds lean muscle. Time to see what is in Synthro Lean.


Synthro Lean Ingredient Highlights

  • B-Complex – B Vitamins play an important role in digestion and assimilation but human requirements vary for each person so taking a complex of B does not always work for you.
  • L-Tyrosine AKG – an amino acid that is known for its ability to fight fatigue and heighten mental alertness
  • Coleus Forskohlii – used in the treatment of hypothyroidism, heart disease and respiratory problems but it may stimulate metabolism.
  • 3b-acetoxyandrost 5 – ene-7, 17-dione–says it speeds up metabolism and heat production to promote weight loss.
  • Guggulsterones – used for years as a cholesterol reducing aid but more recently used as an effective energy producer and overall metabolic aid.

Synthro Lean Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with this diet pill.

Should You Try Snythro Lean?

Synthro Lean is a diet pill that is a mystery. The company that manufacturers it has remained a mystery. It says the company is BioRythum but it is no where to be found.  Are they hiding or have they disappeared? There are only a few reviews on this diet pill and most of them are not favorable and they are old ones.  It may have a few good ingredients but we don’t know the amounts in this formula so we don’t know if they are strong enough to do any good. Synthro Lean sells from $69.99 down to $30.99 so not a inexpensive diet pill with no money back guarantee.  It may be best to stay clear of this weight supplement and find one that you know will give you the results you want and you can trust the company who is selling the product. Look here to see what is recommended.