Syntrax Fyre


What is Syntrax Fyre?

Syntrax Fyre is the latest fat burner to hit the market. It is by no means contains anything new or revolutionary but it does have a few quality ingredients. It purportedly helps you shed the pounds without side effects but then again hundreds of diet pills promise the same thing. Let’s take a closer look.Syntrax Fyre


What’s in Syntrax Fyre?

Syntrax Fyre consists of a proprietary blend, which makes assessing the quality of the product difficult because some manufacturers hide weak ingredient profiles in proprietary blends. There are a few quality ingredients in Syntrax Fyre such as green tea and forslean. Green tea helps speed up the metabolism and supress the appetite. Forslean has been shown to promote lean muscle. The other ingredients in Syntrax Fyre are ho-hum at best. What is missing in Syntrax Fyre is a quality fat burner.

What are the side effects?

On a positive note, there are no serious side effects associated with Syntrax Fyre.

How much does Syntrax Fyre cost?

Syntrax Fyre can be found online for around $25. This is moderately cheap compared to other diet pills but might be expensive considering the questionable effectiveness of the product.

Syntrax Fyre Conclusion

Syntrax Fyre is a decent weight product but there are several better weight loss supplements at cheaper or equivalent prices.