Tengada Diet Pills


Tengada Diet Pills: Do They Live up to the Hype?

Several readers have asked that we research Tengada Diet Pills, a new diet supplement full of pectins that promise to deliver weight loss. Do Tengada Diet Pills work? Let’s take a closer look.

How do Tengada Diet Pills work?

The manufacturers of Tengada Diet Pills promise that the pills “will lessen the abdomen and create a lifting effect of the buttocks. Tengda diet pills… have the effect of losing weight.” Sounds pretty good. Before we all go buy a lifetime supply of Tengada Diet Pills, let’s take a closer look at just how valid the manufacturers claims may be.Tengada Diet Pills

Tengada Diet Pills contain one of the most peculiar ingredient profiles that we have ever seen. There is only one ingredient that is backed by any sort of scientific research to provide weight loss: guarana. Guarana will not provide significant weight loss but can mildly suppress the appetite WHEN provided at the correct dosage.

The other ingredients in Tengada Diet Pills such as apple, lemon, and tangerine extracts can provide health benefits, but their ability to provide fat loss is questionable. Lemon and kiwi extacts may have a slight diuretic effect, which will make you go pee and may lead to some short term water weight loss (but the water weight will come back just as quickly as you lost it).


Further complicating Tengada Diet Pill’s claims is the fact that none of their dosages are not disclosed. There is no way of knowing if Tengada Diet Pills will deliver a sufficient dosage of any of their ingredients.

Tengada Diet Pills Side Effects

There are no serious side effects associated with Tengada Diet Pills. All of the ingredients are all natural (the majority of them come from fruit sources). Depending on how Tengada Diet Pills are dosed there is some potential for some diarrhea or loose bowel movements as ingredients such as lemons have a diuretic effect. It is important to drink plenty of water in conjunction with Tengada Diet Pills.

Tengada Diet Pills Ingredient Highlights

Ingredients in Tengada Diet Pills include:

  • common fenugreek seed
  • nuts
  • guarana extract
  • apple extract
  • kiwi extract
  • lemon extract
  • ponkan mandarin

Should You Try Tengada Diet Pills?

The decision of whether or not to purchase Tengada diet pills is ultimately yours to make. However, if you are serious about losing weight, Tengada Diet Pills are a big gamble. There is nothing in the scientific world backing any of the ingredients that make up the pill and there is no idea of knowing just how much of each ingredient is contained. The effectiveness of the Tengada Diet Pills is a huge question mark.

On the bright side, Tengada Diet Pills are not very expensive. Including shipping a bottle can be purchased for $30. There is no money back guarantee. For $30, there are much better diet supplements out there that are clinically proven to deliver results so purchasing a questionable diet supplement such as Tengada does not make much sense.