The Answer to a Healthier Life

So the slogan goes for the diet pill “Trimblast”, the poster-child of the Trimblast company. The product claims to help you lose weight and get healthier without stimulants or harmful ingredients.  Other claims include:

  • Safe and all natural
  • Contains no caffeine or stimulants
  • Has no side effects and doesn’t interfere with any medications
  • Promotes muscle toning and joint strengthening
  • Helps reduce wrinkles, age spotsThe Trimblast Formula

The Trimblast Formula

  • Reishi mushroom – may help boost the immune system
  • Green tea extract – a fairly common source of antioxidants and caffeine
  • Fo-ti – a popular herb in alternative medicine with no real proven
  • Goji berries – has many claimed health benefits but no peer-reviewed research
  • Hawthorne berry – A diuretic (makes you pee more often).
  • Spirulina – a type of bacteria that has shown the ability in some studies to reduce overall blood pressure and cholesterol. However Trimblast does not cite these studies or indicate how much is included

Essentially, I see little here to back up the claims of the company.  I believe them when they say this product “has no side-effects” as there doesn’t seem to be much that will make much of a difference for you period.  Also, unless the green tea has been decaffeinated, then this does contain caffeine.

A Blast to your Wallet

This is one of the more expensive products I have seen relative to what it includes. There really isn’t anything here that would help you lose any weight, though you may see a slight boost in energy from the caffeine.  They are asking about $64 per bottle plus $9 shipping, but they recommend you buy three for $180 in order to see “real results”.  This is clearly less about results than it is about the benjamins for them. Given that you could buy these ingredients more cheaply in separate form, this product scores low on value.

The Bottom Line

Essentially this is a product that has gone to great lengths to get ingredients that sound exotic and miraculous.  Exotic? Perhaps.  Miraculous?  Certainly not.  Alternative medicine has very little basis in science and only with hard science could you justify the price they ask.  I say thumbs down to Trimblast.