TriMetaLean, a sexy little product that offers an herbal solution to a leaner figure.  Who came up with this?  Well, the indicated company is “Crush LLC”, which is a company which has been known for several years now as selling bogus products.  It is run by a net marketing “guru” who appears to be more into making money than health science. In any case, this is not to say that this product is complete crap, but I definitely don’t trust the “expertise” of this company to begin with.

The TriMetaLean Formula – As strong as its name?

I gotta hand it to the guy; as one experienced in the world of diet product marketing, this is a good product name, but the formula was less impressive to me:

  • Pomegranite juice powder – 100 mg
  • White tea – 25 mg
  • Acai berry – 150 mg
  • Caffeine – 100 mg
  • Fibersol 2 – 650 mg

TriMetaLeanAnd all of this for $40 (on sale)?  I think not. Though pomegranate and acai are known to contain a good amount of antioxidants, they don’t justify the $40 price tag or promise to really help you lose weight.  100 mg of caffeine (as much as in a cup of coffee) isn’t that potent of a dose to boost your metabolism and the fiber supplement is just an over priced patented version of basic fiber. Basically I’m telling you that this is a really average product being marketed as if it should be among the best.

Under what circumstances should you try TriMetaLean?

a)      You have a lot of money lying around

b)      You really like trying random products

c)       You don’t care if the products are over-priced or weak

If these conditions hold, then go for TriMetaLean. This is not to say the ingredients themselves are bad, but look for products with more potent doses of white tea, caffeine, and more antioxidants for your dollar.  This is just not worth the money.