Can Ultra Slim Shed Those Extra Pounds?

Ultra Slim has the potency to help you lose 4-5 pounds but anything more than that is probably unrealistic. It claims to be able to suppress the appetite as well as give energy but numerous negative reviews make us question both of those claims.

What’s In Ultra Slim?

If we could sum up Ultra Slim with one word, it would have to be average. There are a few quality in ingredients in Ultra Slim but the majority of the ingredients in Ultra Slim can be found in the common weight loss supplement.Ultra Slim


Ingredients in Ultra Slim include Hoodia Gordonii, Glucomannan, and Green Tea. Hoodia Gordonii comes from a cactus in Africa. It is a purported appetite suppressant but lacks any kind of scientific support. Manufacturers keep putting it in their product because it sounds exotic and it is inexpensive but the truth is, is that Hoodia Gordonii is just hype.

  • Glucomannan is a decent ingredient. It is a natural fiber. It helps suppress the appetite a little bit but isn’t going to do any wonders.
  • Green tea, on the other hand, is an outstanding ingredient. It suppresses the appetite and speeds up the metabolism.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Ultra Slim contains few stimulants and isn’t associated with any serious side effects. Some users have complained of mild side effects such as insomnia and anxiety, however.

Should You Buy Ultra Slim?

In the end, the one that makes that decision is you but if you are serious about losing weight I would look elsewhere. Ultra Slim needs to add more quality ingredients before it can help you lose substantial weight.