Vasopro Extreme


Vasopro Extreme is a diet supplement that uses the word Extreme for a reason.  The word extreme is used for many kinds of things.  Extreme sports, extreme makeover, extreme foods and extreme diet supplements are some that come to mind.  When I think of it I realize all these items are taken to the limits and pushing to the edge.  Does that mean that this supplement is one that pushes the limits of the ingredients that give you the maximum weight loss effect?  It does say it is a maximum strength energy igniter.  It even says you get hours of energy and you feel it fast.

How Does Vasopro Extreme Work?

Vasopro Extreme is a diet supplement that is designed for those who are in search of a powerful fat burning diet and energy supplement.  They say when it is taken as directed and combined with a reduced calorie diet and exercise program, this may help burn fat, cut cravings and combat diet fatigue.  They say Vasopro Extreme consists of alkaloids that can effect mood, appetite and sense of well being, in addition to providing a powerful thermogenic effect.  Also contains caffeine which has shown to have fat burning and appetite suppressing qualities.  We need to see what is inside this diet supplement and see if it is something that we want to try.Vasopro Extreme


Vasopro Extreme Side Effects

Vasopro Extreme has some potent ingredients that could possibly have some serious side effects associated with them.  They advise to avoid alcohol and foods with tyramine in them.  They are cheese, red wine and liver.  Also the side effects can be jitters, irregular heart rate, headache, insomnia, abdominal pain and nervousness and anxiety.  Because they are ingredients that may interact with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills so it is wise to be cautious when taking this diet supplement.

Vasopro Extreme Ingredient Highlights

Vasopro Extreme Ingredients

  • Caffeine (250mg)stimulant which gives you energy

PEA 7 Proprietary Blend

  • Acacia Rigidula PE consists of alkaloids that can effect mood, appetite and sense of well being
  • B-Phenylethylamine acts to increase dopamine levels within the brain.  Strong mood enhancer, enhances body metabolism.  Like ephedra
  • 3, 5 Dimethoxytyramine metabolism booster
  • 4-Methy-2-Pyridinamine natural antihistamine
  • 2-Cyclohexylethylamine
  • 4-Hydroxy-Phenethylamine increases dopamine levels, helps to induce fat loss by increasing adrenaline secretion
  • Tyramine suppose to induce fat loss
  • Hordenine stimulates release of norepinephrine which works alongside epinephrine to give the body sudden energy.  Known as the “flight or fright” response
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose a food additive

Epichasine Proprietary Blend

  • White tea antioxidant that may help in shedding fat
  • Green tea natural caffeine stimulant in it
  • Kuding tea says stills the fidgets
  • Dibasic Calcium phosphate used as a tableting agent.  Also used to help eliminate body odor

Should You Try Vasopro Extreme?

Vasopro Extreme is a powerful diet supplement that has many red flags associated with it.  With all the powerful ingredients involved it may not be a diet supplement for the faint of heart because it can have some serious side effects.  Also being a proprietary blend does not give us an exact amount of each potent ingredient.  Extreme is not always a good thing.  There are plenty of good diet supplements on the market that will give you results without the side effects.