Visual Impact


What is Visual Impact?

You know those “cheesy meatheads” you see at the gym?  Those guys who work out so hard that their bodies become almost round and curvy?  Clothes no longer seem to fit them correctly and their bodies end up almost looking deformed from building muscles in all the wrong places.  Rusty Moore, a leading fitness expert created Visual Impact to help those looking to build muscles in all the correct places whether it be for an event, audition, or even for spring break.  Rusty claims that by using his program you will end up having that desired “shrink wrapped” muscle look rather than that bulky undesirable physique.

What Makes Visual Impact Different?

Visual Impact is a six month, three phase program that shies away from using the “big three” lifts that bodybuilders have been taught time and time again are the only way to create muscles.  These are squats, dead lifts, and bench presses.  Rusty Moore believes that it is not impressive to gain 20 pounds of muscles by doing these lifts because most likely the muscle will be in gained in your hips, thighs, and butt.Visual Impact

The first phase of Visual Impact concentrates on building muscle rather quickly.  The second phase will then focus on hardening that muscle by increasing muscle density.  The final phase, to be completed about two weeks before your big event, will center on getting that coveted shrink wrap look.


Some great things about Visual Impact is that it is very easy to follow.  Rusty promises that his methods can be easily incorporated and adapted to your workouts.  Your workouts can be done on basically any type of equipment.  You can even use free weights or resistance bands.

While Visual Impact is geared towards men, Rusty Moore has just come out with a program designed especially for women.  This new program will help you achieve that toned long and lean look without the bulk.

Marketing Schemes of Visual Impact

I feel that Visual Impact’s marketing is pretty straight forward and right to the point.  The website is almost in blog form making you actually read about the product and watch videos to learn how Visual Impact will change your body.  The website is very informative and interesting.  Just by reading you learn about different muscle groups and different ways to build and create muscles.  The Visual Impact website is full of helpful tips that Rusty Moore gives you for free as a taste of what the product can actually offer.  I really learned a lot from the four videos he posts which very clearly and visually explain the how Visual Impact really will transform your body.  I also love how Rusty Moore promises a 60 day refund guarantee if you don’t believe Visual Impact is the right program for you.

Visual Impact Conclusion

I believe that Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact program has the know how to help you achieve that shrink wrapped, Taylor Lautner look.  The bottom line is this; I think Visual Impact will definitely work if you have the motivation and desire to actually follow the program. Otherwise it will be $47 down the drain. If you have that motivation and you’re ready for change, check it out here.