VPX Meltdown


VPX Meltdown Review

No matter what diet or exercise they try, so many people have trouble burning fat. For years, no one could figure out what was going on.

After years of researching, the results finally came back. Your body can stop you from burning fat!

VPX Meltdown is a diet supplement that was designed to prevent your body from stopping fat burn. It does this by utilizing certain ingredients that have been shown to shut of the mechanism in your body that slows or stops the burn of fat.VPX Meltdown

Ingredients in VPX Meltdown

There are actually several ingredients in VPX Meltdown, but we are really only interested in 4 of them. Caffeine Anhydrous, Synephrine, Yohimbe, and Phenylethylamine are the ingredients behind the power of VPX Meltdown.

Caffeine Anhydrous stimulates the production of a substance inside your brain called CART. When levels of this substance are high, your metabolism will function at a high rate and your appetite will be normal. By stimulating CART, Caffeine Anhydrous also suppresses a substance in your brain called NPY; which slows down your metabolism and makes you feel hungrier.

Synephrine was designed to be an alternative to Ephedra. Ephedra was an ingredient that helped people lose a lot of weight; but when it started causing serious health problems it had to be banned. Synephrine has all the same benefits of Ephedra; without any of the side effects or problems.


Yohimbe shuts down your Alpha 2 Receptors. These are mechanisms in your brain that prevent your body from burning fat. As soon as the Alpha 2 Receptors are out of the way, you should be able to burn as much fat as you need to with the help of the other ingredients in VPX Meltdown.

Finally, VPX Meltdown has Phenylethylamine. This ingredient is a stimulant that improves your mood and stimulates CART. It will help you feel more positive and improve your ability to lose weight.

The Truth About VPX Meltdown

There is science behind the formula of VPX Meltdown; but theory it is based on is still relatively new. A lot of necessary research is still being done. However, VPX Meltdown is not the only diet supplement to use these ingredients to promote this idea. We’ve seen that those other diet supplements have been successful and so we think that VPX Meltdown could be successful too.

We do have a couple issues with this product though. First, we’re not sure if VPX Meltdown uses the clinically proven amounts of all its active ingredients. Unless the correct amounts are used, VPX Meltdown won’t be as powerful. Second, although most of the ingredients in this diet supplement are safe, there are some that could cause side effects; including Caffeine Anhydrous, Synephrine, and Yohimbe.

Our Opinion of VPX Meltdown

Overall, we think that VPX Meltdown has a lot of potential. It has ingredients that can promote weight loss when used in powerful amounts. Unfortunately, they can also cause side effects.

If you want a good diet supplement that promotes weight loss and doesn’t cause side effects, we recommend that you try another product instead of VPX Meltdown.