VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate


What is VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate?

VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate is a muscle builder created by VPX. VPX has created numerous products designed to help with the very things that people struggle with such as weight loss and building lean muscle mass.  We were actually intrigued by this product partially because this is one of the only products that we have seen that lists the references of the studies that are referred to.  A few of the studies were performed on rats and therefore had questionable merit for humans but it is still pretty impressive

The other thing to note about these studies is that they don’t test the actual effectiveness of Power Shock Amino Nitrate but rather they tested the effectiveness of specific components of the product.  Because Power Shock Amino Nitrate is composed of a proprietary blend of ingredients there is no way to tell if VPX actually included the amounts that the studies have declared to be effective for what they say they need to do.VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate


How Does VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate Work?

Power Shock Amino Nitrate operates on BCAA Nitrates. These Branched Chain Amino Acids are fused to nitrates which can more easily be transferred across cell membranes.  So what does this mean?  The nitrates can be more easily transported into the bloodstream which can then cause vasodilation and nutrients can better be transferred throughout the body.  When the body is better fed it is more likely to be able to grow the most.

Amino acids do not grow muscle but they can feed it.  It seems like that is how Power Shock Amino Nitrate works.  It provides the body with the essential amino acids so that it can work harder and also so that you can recover faster.  One of the biggest benefits from using Power Shock Amino Nitrate actually seems to be a faster recovery time.  It seems like it does more to help with recovery than it does to help with the building of new muscle.

Is VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate Safe?

Surprisingly VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate is one of the safe products on the market.  It does not contain harmful ingredients and it doesn’t have ingredients like other diet supplements do that cause adverse side effects.

VPX Power Shock Amino Nitrate Conclusion

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass then Power Shock Amino Nitrate might be a product to look at.  It doesn’t do anything for losing weight but it can enhance your diet and make it so you are able to work out harder, longer, and more frequently.

One of the biggest down sides to using Power Shock Amino Nitrate is that it is just like the other powders in this market.  It is really hard to choke down.  It comes in three flavors: Lime Splash, Fruit Punch, and Grape.  We can’t decide which of the flavors is the best but just be careful if you decide to drink it because the grape and fruit punch flavors can stain anything they touch.  All in all this a a mediocre product and if you are looking for something to help you lose weight and build muscle you may want to look for a product that has been proven to accomplish both tasks.