Vyo-Tech Hybrid 7

“Shut’s down the munchies”

According to the company, this innovative product is a clinically proven way to fight cravings and especially “late-night munchies”.  I’m not sure if they’re aware, but usually that term refers to the hunger you get when you’ve been smoking marijuana…which is what it seems too many diet pill producers have been smoking.  What is Vyo-Tech Hybrid 7 really all about?

The Hybrid 7 Solution to the “Dark Hours”

The main focus of this product, as it is caffeine-free, is to cut down on the cravings that come in what it calls the “dark hours” of dieting: 4 pm to midnight.Vyo-Tech Hybrid 7

Though for most losing weight, there isn’t an hour that goes by that doesn’t bring a temptation for a snack, there is some truth to the idea of afternoon and evening snacking.  Usually stresses of the day start kicking in at this point, which causes extra temptation to snack.  So if there is a solution to this, it lies in the…

Hybrid 7 Ingredients:

The only ingredient actually disclosed for this product is Caralluma Fimbriata, an Indian cactus-like plant that does have some significant proof of helping to reduce appetite.  The catch is that we have no idea if enough of this ingredient is included in each dose.  The fact that the company doesn’t disclose the specifics is a serious red flag.

Hybrid 7 Conclusion

Unfortunately, because of the lack of clear information provided by the company, I cannot recommend this product.  Not only does it appear very doubtful that the product is effective, it also appears to be a rip-off as it asks for almost $70 per bottle.  This product seems to be likely to make your dark hours a little darker for having paid so much for an impotent diet product.