Weight Loss Motivators


You see those same people every time you go to the gym. You know the ones: the girls that never miss a class, that make it each day at 5:30 without fail, and that stay long after you have thrown in the towel.

But, you? Well, that’s a different story all together isn’t it? You try your best, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it. You went yesterday! Why do you have to go again?!

It is so easy to lose your motivation and focus when you are trying to stay active and keep yourself healthy. Without the motivation to stick with it, you are far more likely to scarf down a chocolate covered donut (with sprinkles!) then you are to steam a cup of broccoli. And come morning you’ll find yourself pulling the covers over your head more and more often, instead of lacing up the tennis shoes.

You can learn how to get the motivation you need (and keep it!) with these 4 weight loss motivators.Weight Loss Motivators

1. Tell Everyone!

How many times have you made goals, but ditched them soon after? Chances are, those going-nowhere goals were known by only one person: You!

If you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself, it can be easy to slide or fall right off the wagon. So don’t keep it your weight loss and exercise goals a secret. Tell people!


Talk to your husband, your doctor, your girlfriend, or your mom. Let them know what you are up to and the target you are aiming for. Friends and family can be great weight loss motivators because you don’t want to let them down and they can help lift you up when you need a boost.

2. Treat Yourself

It can be really hard to stay motivated if you are following a diet that is too strict or doesn’t allow you enjoy your life. When you try to stick to these all-or-nothing ways of dieting or exercise, you set yourself up for failure and guilt.

If you can’t make it to the gym next Tuesday, it’s ok! You’ll be back on Wednesday, ready to bring it. The neighbors just brought over a plate of chocolate chip cookies? Go ahead and treat yourself to one.

Falling short one day doesn’t mean you have ruined everything you have been working for. In fact being realistic and treating yourself every now and then can help you keep your motivation. Aim to eat well or exercise most of the time, but don’t punish yourself or give up if you can’t.

3. Get Some Gear

Still wearing the same track shorts that you sprinted in during high school? As silly as it might seem, a new pair of running shoes, some a cute tank top, or some more flattering gym shorts can be great weight loss motivators.

Think about it. When you buy new jeans or have a new set of earrings, you can’t wait to put throw them on and show them off. Having something a little more up to date to freshen your gym attire can help you get excited to hit the gym and flaunt your new duds.

4. Try a Supplement

Keeping motivated is not always easy, but there are actually weight loss supplements, like Hydroxystim, that can help.

It’s true! Weight loss pills like Hydroxystim contain ingredients that can not only help you burn more calories, but are also great weight loss motivators; keeping you focused and energized.