What is Garcinia Cambogia?


Garcinia Cambogia is an extract from a fruit plant which is believed to have originated from South-East Asia.  This fruit extract has progressively become very popular as an efficient supplement for weight loss. But normally, some individuals are worried still about the possible side effects of this extract, despite the proven scientific facts that the extract can actually effectively work in the weight reduction.

This worthy fruit extract was brought to the forefront by Dr. Oz and thereafter, it has hit the market as hot chocolate, drawing attention of many people of various ages, sex and nationality and they refer to it as their number one weight loss friend, the extract contains HCA as the main ingredient which aids in the weight loss.What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Why do people love this weight loss extract?

Some people will argue that it’s not healthy shading off too much pounds within a short duration of time, but I will beg to differ my opinion, you can lose as many pounds as you want using this extract, the amount one can lose will just depend on his/her average body weight, for instance, it could be safe if someone weighing 231 pounds loses 15 pounds of the weight in a week. But for someone who is just 150 pounds heavier, this might bring some danger.

Remember when you use this drug as recommended then you’ll be able to lose as much weight as you want within a week with no any side effects and it will make you feel better and lighter.

It is worth noting that, Garcinia extract was passed through many clinical tests and was proved to be safe with no side effects. Like a research was carried out among people with ages ranging from 20-65 and from different sexes. After some 12 weeks they all managed to lose quite amount of weight and at the same time, their body fat percentages were reduced too. They did not have to take any fancy diet or do some extreme work-out regimes to achieve this, so this extract is just perfect and very essential for a weight loss plan. You should always ensure that you take a pure Garcinia extract for effective weight loss and to avoid any side effects caused the counterfeit ones in the market.

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Garcinia Cambogia ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia also referred to as Gambooge and Malabar Tamarind is a small tree found in South East Asia. It produces small, yellow green pumpkin shaped tamarind. Its extract has a pale, brown powder and is made from the fruit rind. Garcinia Cambogia Extract has 50% or more hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Other extracts have 50% hydroxycitric acid, but the one I use has 60% of the same or 300 milligrams of HCA per capsule/600 mg hydroxycitric per serving. This level of component is crucial in making the supplement effective in the body.Garcinia Cambogia ingredients


How does the Extract work?

The chemical structure of the acid contained in the extract has dual purpose in its role in weight loss. It helps modify the process of the conversion of sugar into fat. This is process that occurs in the liver. In this role hydroxycitric acid hinders the formation of new fat cells in the body meaning that the extra fat is not stored in the body and it will go through the digestive system and get rid off within some few hours.

According to several clinical researches Garcinia Cambogia Extract plays the following roles.

  • Garcinia helps in blocking of fats
  • Garcinia suppresses appetite meaning that you eat less
  • Garcinia helps reduce stress and enhance mood by increasing the level of serotin in the body. It is worth noting that stress and bad mood can lead to weight gain.

Did you know that you can effectively reduce weight by use of Garcinia Cambogia extract? This is a natural extract from fruits which can be used as an additive in meals to aid in weight reduction. There are two types of this product which are readily available in the market today. These include pure and regular Garcinia products. The price of the regular one is usually higher though sometimes these products go for the same price.

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What differentiates these products is the presence of additives and fillers in the regular Garcinia which are not available in the pure extract.

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia can offer numerous benefits, which may include:

  • It can help you in your attempt to lose weight.
  • It can block fat from being produced.
  • It can help to suppress both your appetite and cravings.
  • It can help to improve your mood and sleep patterns.Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Why is it beneficial?

Garcinia is full of antioxidants, but the reason why it is very beneficial is HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) that is contained in its extract. The HCA has an ability to help in blocking the production of fats from carbohydrates that you consume. It also has an ability to increase your levels of serotonin which will help you in avoiding emotional eating of junk foods hence helping you in weight loss.

So what are the side effects of Garcinia extract?

Garcinia is a fruit extract. So, it is a completely natural product. Like all natural products, this one also has no known side effects. People who have used this supplement have reported no side effects so far. But you should keep in mind that like any other herbal and natural products the garcinia is not controlled by FDA. It therefore means that a lot of caution need to be put before you use or during the usage of the supplement.

Remember, so long as you correctly follow the dosage-instructions provided then you should not worry about the side effects because you will probably encounter none. Ensure you avoid the supplements with unsafe-filler ingredients because you may not know what kind of side effects the filler ingredients may bring to you. It is also not a good idea for a pregnant woman to use this supplement or when she is breastfeeding. The testimonials from the users of the product will show you that this product is very safe and works as required.

It is recommended that you take the capsules of garcinia with a glass-full of water and you should always take this medication a half-hour before having your major meals for better results. Always take 3 capsules a day as will be recommended by your doctor. This extract works and it’s not hype but it’s a miracle solution for your weight loss. You should be rest assured that this drug will work wonders for you, it will help you in your weight management.

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