Does Xellex Rapid Weight Loss Work?

After spend 30 minutes sifting through Xellex’s website, I couldn’t find too much useful information. I read some testimonials, saw some before an after pictures and found a reference to a study. EVERY diet pill company publishes this information. Each piece of “proof” flawed and doesn’t provide true insight into whether the diet pill works. For example, anyone can make up a testimonial, it’s easy to doctor before and after pics, and studies are EASILY made biased.


Is The Clinical Study Legit?

No study is provided or even quoted on the website. Did it even happen? By how much was the average person’s caloric intake reduced? How much exercise did these subject do and did they exercise regularly before this? We don’t know. Hopefully they’ll publish this info soon.Xellex Rapid Weight Loss Work

The BIG question is what’s in Xellex?

Again. Xellex fails to enlighten us with an answer. I’ve looked online for the ingredients, but they are no where to be found. If you find them, let me know.

The Xellex Guarantee

I like how there is a money back guarantee. I don’t like how it’s only 30 days though. Most 30 day guarantees start from the date of purchase. Most orders take 5-10 days to arrive. Most 30 day trials also require that the company recieves the product by the end of the 30 day trial. IU’m not sure if Xellex does this, because again, they fail to let us know pertinent information.

The Xellex Bottom Line…

There is NO WAY I would try a product without knowing what’s in it. I’d advise you to stick to that same philosophy. Again, if you find the ingredients, let me know so I can analyze the product better.