Xenadrine Xtreme FX


Extreme Weight Loss or Extreme Ripoff for Women?

Cytogenix, the makers of Xenadrine Xtreme FX, is a popular diet supplement brand. But popukarity has more to do with marketing than a good product.  So let’s check out the ingredients and find out if Xenedrine Xtreme FX is worth trying:

The main component is predictably large Proprietary Blend 1,054mg with four different “parts”:Xenadrine Xtreme FX

  • XenaBurn
    Green tea leaf extract
    Yohimbe HCL bark
    Pu-erh tea lea
    Rasberry Ketone
    Artemisia Capillaris
  • EnerGenix
    Engelhardita ctysolepsis part extract
    Black soy part
    Garcinia cambogia rind
    Coleus forskholli root
    Catuaba bark
    Lemon Balm

(Provides 300mg of caffeine from Green Tea and Caffeine)

  • Cyto FX
    Ciccus Quadrangularis
    Soy bean extract
    Schisandra chinensis fruit
    Jujube fruit
    Barberry fruit
  • OxiDyne
    Acai Fruit Extract
    Pomegranate fruit extract
    Mulberry fruit extract

What is this Xenadrine blend worth?

As with so many other sub-par products, this version of Xenadrine seeks to “shock and awe” you into buying it by including a bit of as many ingredients as possible.  The actual dosage of each, however, is quite weak.  The main chunk of the 1054 mg dose is in caffeine (300 mg), which is likely to be only “potent” part of the pill. This will definitely get you hyped up but the other sources of antioxidants and digestive health can not be strong enough if together they only make up the remaining 654 mg.  They cite a study about the weight loss potential of cissus quadrangularis, but don’t indicate that an effective dose is included.

So what’s it worth?  If there was a money back guarantee, it may be worth a shot. But since there isn’t, you may want to spend your time and money on a product that actually guarantees results.

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