Can Xenical Help You Lose Weight?

Well, that depends by how you define weight. If you define losing weight as losing around five pounds then Xenical can help you. But if you define weight loss as more than five pounds, it probably would be better to look for another weight loss supplement.


Made For Those With A Body Index of 30 or Higher

Xenical is made for the extremely obese. If you have a body index of 30 or lower, it would probably be advisable to look for another pill because your doctor won’t prescribe Xenical.Can Xenical Help You Lose Weight?

Is Xenical a Prescription Pill?

Yes, it is. Although there are some quality prescription weight loss pills out there, the majority not only carry with it the expensive trips to the doctor and high price tags but also side effects.

WARNING! Users of Xenical have complained of side effects such as frequent bowel movements, uncontrollable bowel movements, and extreme gas. Word to the wise, don’t wear white pants while taking Xenical.

What’s in Xenical?

Orlistat is the main ingredient in Xenical. It purportedly blocks fat. We aren’t completely sold on Orlistat mainly due to the lack of credible scientific studies. Missing from Xenical are effective fat burners and proven appetite suppressants.

Xenical Conclusion

The cons outweigh the pros with Xenical. Although the potential is there to lose a few pounds because of the embarrassing side effects and the high price tag buying Xenical is a gamble.