What is Xyphedra?

Xyphedra sounds a lot like some other supplement, one that was ‘banned’ a few years ago and I will fail to name that ingredient here. (Simply replace the Xy in Xyphedra with an E and WHAMMO!) That being said, since its ban, companies have been searching for an effective alternative that can produce the same fat burning potential. Has Xyphedra done that?Xyphedra


Xyphedra’s Ingredients

  • Green Tea – This is one of the best health-promoting supplements and more importantly, a terrific fat burning supplement. Green tea has had many clinical studies backing up the claims surrounding its fat burning abilities. If you really want to burn fat and lose that extra weight, you should try supplementing your healthy diet and exercise program with some green tea.
  • Chocamine – I love the chocamine. Chocamine contains many beneficial ingredients, especially if one is looking for CNS stimulation and appetite suppression. The effects could be compared to those of amphetamine, but not as potent or euphoric.
  • Phenylethylamine – Commonly referred to as PEA, it works extremely well to help maintain and promote mental alertness, focus, mood and concentration. Phenylethylamine also promotes energy and elevates ones mood.
  • Picamilon – a unique nootropic very popular in Russia made by bonding a niacin derivative to GABA, which enables rapidly penetration into the blood brain barrier. While it shares some of the properties of both compounds, it effects are greatly amplified. GABA Modulation [Balances GABA levels] provide stress and focus support. Cerebral Blood Flow [Tones cerebral vessels] provides mental energy/alertness support.
  • L-Tyrosine – Increases metabolism and supports healthy mood and mental Ffunctions!
  • L-Theanine –  L-theanine is clinically proven to reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, heighten mental acuity and reduce negative side effects of caffeine.

Is Xyphedra Recommended?

Xyphedra is one of the most impressive fat burners on the market. It is affordable and backed by a 100% guarantee. There is nothing that will replace the original ephedra, but Xyphedra has come the closest to giving me that ephedra buzz that I used to love.