Yogic Slim


What is Yogic Slim?

Yogic Slim is a creation of Ayurvedic Doctors. It is comprised of Indian hebs and promises to help control regularity in appetite, increased metabolism, and permanent weight loss. Let’s take a closer look at Yogic Slim and see if there is any validity to any of these claims.

What’s in Yogic Slim?

Yogic Slim purportedly claims the 8 most potent herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic Science but the only ingredient we were able to find with any scientific backing was Guggul.


Guggul is a great at speeding up the metabolism. It is especially effective when combined with an effective fat burner but unfortunately a proven fat burner is lacking in Yogic Slim.Yogic Slim

Yogic Slim Side Effects

Yogic Slim is an all-natural product and is not associated with any serious side effects.

Cost of Yogic Slim

A month supply of Yogic Slim will cost you over $50. This is very high for a weight loss supplement with only one proven ingredient.

Yogic Slim Conclusion

Until more proven ingredients are contained in Yogic Slim, we probably wouldn’t recommend it as it is expensive and not very potent.