What is the deal with Zenitrim?

Why ask “what’s the deal”?  Well, I would like some explanation from MicroNutra Health as to why they insist on making 3 “different” products with different claims and exactly the same formula!

The Zenitrim “Formula”

Formula is loosely used here as it is only one ingredient. The ingredient?Zenitrim

  • Glucomannan (750 mg)

This is not a bad ingredient, but offers much, much less than what is claimed by the company.  It’s an industrial food thickener that can help reduce hunger, but only when used in larger doses or in combination with other quality fibers or other ingredients.  This product fails to match up to that description…and it’s the exact same failure as the CarboCurb and Lipoway products.

Should you try Zenitrim?

In short, you would be crazy to buy this product.  For $57 you could buy a month’s membership at a great gym or get a product that is actually effective. Don’t waste it on products like Zenitrim.

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