What is Zylene?

Zylene is a appetite suppressing weight loss supplement.  It contains much hyped about ingredients such as Green Tea, Caralluma Fimbriata, and Hoodia Gordonii.  It is designed to help you lose weight in a relatively short amount of time?

Does Zylene Work?

Whenever you’ve seen someone lose weight really fast – what usually happens in the weeks that follow?  They gain it right back.  The reason for this is because rapid weight loss is most often equated to the loss of ‘water weight.’ Water weight is just as easily re-gained as it is lost.  Zylene claims to help you lose ten pounds in just two weeks.


One thing that I love about my good vision is the ability to see the small things – especially the note-connotation of asterisk.  When you move your eyes to the small print at the bottom of the screen you read that “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Admistration,” which means for all that we know – they could be bogus.Zylene

Caution with the Zylene Risk Free Trial

A valuable lesson that I have learned in life is that nothing is free.  But what about the Zylene Risk Free Trial you ask?  Well, if you don’t jump through the bureaucratic loopholes in time, you will be surprised to find monthly shipments arriving at your door and automatic charges applied to your credit card.  “Now I see why they ask for my credit card number…” you may be thinking.

Zylene Conclusion

The ingredients in Zylene have received a lot of attention and may yet prove to be beneficial.  Take note, however, that there is a big difference between effective ingredients and effective quantities of ingredients.  Cramming so many ingredients into a single capsule can’t be very assuring with regards to quantity.

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