Zylotrim is one of the many products in the “as seen on TV” club, and is no less silly in its TV ads and online advertising.  We all know not to believe everything we see on TV (hopefully) but could Zylotrim be a viable solution for your weight-loss?

Zylotrim Formula

Here is where it gets a little worrysome – a list of ingredients is nowhere to be found.  Absolutely no information is available on what actually might be in this product, so you can guarantee it can’t be anything special.  Personally, I would never take a pill without knowing what was in it (I’ve seen too many TV shows about that).Zylotrim

Zylotrim Value

As no one knows what is in this product, it’s hard to say whether your $30 would be well spent.  It does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping), but given the shady advertising and lack of info, I can’t imagine you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Should you try Zylotrim?

No! Wait, hold on….maybe….what if….no, the answer is definitely NO!  Don’t waste your time with products like this.

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